WJON IP Local Area

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Areas may be listed more than once, depending on transmitter toned locations

Under no circumstance should anyone monitor/pull/stream these areas with any stream, service, cable system, or any other means without explicit permission. This is especially true during severe weather or other significant events. If it does not come from me and it’s in the local area, it’s a local breach.

Some areas in the local area may be monitored using a NWS CAP client. While this will typically be used only for non-convective based products (FFW, TOR, SVR, SMW), it may be used for other products such as Flood, Winter, and Tropical products if necessary

Local Statewide Areas:
– All of VA (051000)
– All of DC (011000)
– All of MD (024000)
Regional Statewide Areas:
– All of PA (042000)
– All of WV (054000)

KHB36 *Tuned 24/7*

Calvert, MD024009,   MDZ018King George, VA051099,   VAZ057
Charles, MD024017,   MDZ016Loudoun, VA051107,   VAZ042
Frederick, MD024021,   MDZ004Madison, VA051113,   VAZ039
Montgomery, MD024031,   MDZ009Manassas, VA051683,   VAZ052
Prince Georges, MD024033,   MDZ013Manassas Park, VA051685,   VAZ052
St. Marys, MD024037,   MDZ017Orange, VA051137,   VAZ050
Jefferson, WV054037,   WVZ053Page, VA051139,   VAZ029
Alexandria, VA051510,   VAZ054Prince William, VA051153,   VAZ052
Arlington, VA051013,   VAZ054Rappahannock, VA051157,   VAZ040
Clarke, VA051043,   VAZ031Spotsylvania, VA051177,   VAZ056
Culpeper, VA051047,   VAZ051Stafford, VA051179,   VAZ055
Fairfax, VA051059,   VAZ053Warren, VA051187,   VAZ030
City of Fairfax, VA051600,   VAZ053District of Columbia011001,   DCZ001
Falls Church, VA051610,   VAZ054Marine areas …
Fauquier, VA051061,   VAZ041All of Tidal Potomac073535-537, ANZ535-537
Fredericksburg, VA051630,   VAZ056


WXM42 *Streamed, however due to interference it may be corrupted with static)

Allegany, MD024001,  MDZ002Jefferson, WV054037,  WVZ053
Carroll, MD024013,  MDZ005Mineral, WV054057,  WVZ049
Frederick, MD024021,  MDZ004Morgan, WV054065,  WVZ051
Washington, MD024043,  MDZ003Clarke, VA051043,  VAZ031
Adams, PA042001,  PAZ064Fauquier, VA051061,  VAZ041
Bedford, PA042009,  PAZ034Frederick, VA051069,  VAZ028
Franklin, PA042055,  PAZ036Loudoun, VA051107,  VAZ042
Fulton, PA042057,  PAZ035Page, VA051139,  VAZ029
Berkeley, WV054003,  WVZ052Shenandoah, VA051171,  VAZ027
Hampshire, WV054027,  WVZ050Warren, VA051187,  VAZ030
Hardy, WV054031,  WVZ055Winchester, VA051840,  VAZ028

KEC83 (Likewise with WXM42, it is received but reception borks sometimes, also covered with WBAL/WIYY)

From North of Pooles island to Drum Point includes other minor waterways

Anne Arundel, MD024003,   MDZ014Prince Georges, MD024033,   MDZ013
Baltimore, MD024005,   MDZ006Queen Annes, MD024035,   MDZ015
Baltimore City, MD024510,   MDZ011District of Columbia011001,   DCZ001
Calvert, MD024009,   MDZ018Adams, PA042001,   PAZ064
Carroll, MD024013,   MDZ005York, PA042133,   PAZ065
Frederick, MD024021,   MDZ004Chesapeake Bay Zones
Harford, MD024025,   MDZ007North of Pooles IslandN/A,   ANZ530
Howard, MD024027,   MDZ010Pooles Island to Sandy PtN/A,   ANZ531
Kent, MD024029,   MDZ012Sandy Pt. to North BeachN/A,   ANZ532
Montgomery, MD024031,   MDZ009North Beach to Drum PtN/A,   ANZ533

WNG736 and WZ2527 (WETA/WFLS)
Both are served by above transmitters, but I will list below as these are also received OTA

DC011001,  DCZ001Arlington, VA051013,  VAZ054
Anne Arundel, MD024003,  MDZ014Fairfax, VA051059,  VAZ053
Calvert, MD024009,  MDZ018City of Fairfax, VA051600,  VAZ053
Charles, MD024017,  MDZ016Falls Church, VA051610,  VAZ054
Howard, MD024027,  MDZ010Loudoun, VA051107,  VAZ042
Montgomery, MD024031,  MDZ009Manassas, VA051683,  VAZ052
Prince Georges, MD024033,  MDZ013Manassas Park, VA051685,  VAZ052
Alexandria, VA051510,  VAZ054Prince William, VA051153,  VAZ052

Some of WZ2527 is not toned in the Fredericksburg local area

Charles, MD024017,  MDZ016Manassas Park, VA051685,  VAZ052
St. Mary’s, MD024037,  MDZ017Fauquier, VA051061,  VAZ501
Caroline, VA051033,  VAZ064Orange, VA051137,  VAZ050
Culpeper, VA051047,  VAZ051Prince William, VA051153,  VAZ052
Essex, VA051057,  VAZ074Spotsylvania, VA051177,  VAZ056
Fredericksburg, VA051630,  VAZ056Fauquier, VA051061,  VAZ502
King George, VA051099,  VAZ057Stafford, VA051179,  VAZ055
Manassas, VA051683,  VAZ052Westmoreland, VA051193,  VAZ075

Other Local Areas:

  • 051003
  • 051015
  • 051540
  • 051079
  • 051109
  • 051125

Fringe Areas (Areas served by respective relayed stations, but NOT included in their relay criteria)

Amelia, VA051007,  VAZ068

Amherst, VA051009,  VAZ035Lunenburg, VA051111,  VAZ066
Appomattox, VA051011,  VAZ046051113,  VAZ039

Buckingham, VA051029,  VAZ047Nottoway, VA051135,  VAZ067
Charlotte, VA051039,  VAZ059051137,  VAZ050

Powhatan, VA051145,  VAZ069
Cumberland, VA051049,  VAZ061Prince Edward, VA051147,  VAZ060
Fluvanna, VA051065,  VAZ048051177, VAZ056
Goochland, VA051075,  VAZ062Staunton, VA051790, VAZ025

Waynesboro, VA051820, VAZ025
Other Fringe Areas

Other (potentially) monitored stations:

  • WFRE
  • WBQB
  • WETA
  • WTOP
  • WIAD
  • WCYK
  • WAIW
  • WMAL
  • WJFK