EAN Transmission 3/14

At around 5:56 PM Eastern on March 14, 2023, multiple EANs were originated from an unknown person on the KIH62 Fresno, California NWR stream. In addition, the person also originated a DMO, and RMT.

We had no involvement and are working with GWES ERN to determine the cause and reason for this transmission.

This behavior was not from the stream provider, Radio, who has mentioned multiple times that the stream has been off for the past while, which means an unknown individual used the stream link maliciously to send malicious and illegal EAS codes.

Keep in mind, noaaweatherradio.org has their password public, and it is accessible and streamable from anyone who knows the slightest thing about streaming audio.

Hijacking NWR streams is not only dangerous, but it is also an extremely stupid and irresponsible thing to do.

Actions are being taken to ensure that this will not occur again, and to also prevent EANs and other type alerts from being originated and sent by the WXR system.

Also, there is no national emergency at this time. And no, the blue box did not send this alert.