Literally everything, with a few exceptions

Nationwide Alerts

Nationwide Alerts, such as Emergency Action Notifications, and National Tests are given the highest priority

Regional Alerts

Local Alerts are areas covered by WXM42, WNG736, KHB36, and KEC83. will be relayed at a higher priority than non-local alerts. These alerts may or may not contain attention tones (Local NWR Will have 4 seconds).

Non-Local Weather/EAS Alerts

These streams are monitored by the WSCN24/7 stream if they are AM/FM stations. For NWR, streams are monitored by the massnwr station (in turn fed to WSCN24/7)

Additionally, any alerts from the GWES EAS Relay Network (generally the monthly EAS test) will be relayed immediately. WE DO NOT USUALLY MONITOR OTHER ERN STREAMS, unless there is severe weather or significant weather in their local coverage area


  • Practice/Demo Alerts will not be relayed, even if you are New Hampshire
  • Nevada RWTs (required daily tests sometimes)

WJON Local

These streams are generally within a 50-100 mile radius of WJON IP Radio. These streams stretch from PA all the way to NC, however are monitored due to their reasonable stream quality and alert coverage.

Extremely complex station relay and monitoring chart