The End of an Era at WJON IP Radio

When I first started running this station, I knew that this day would come, one way or another. It is extremely difficult to admit this would happen, but it will.

Before I continue, I would like to emphasize that WJON IP Radio will NOT be terminating its broadcasts or EAS monitoring in any way

Sorry to those that thought my existence was short lived 🙂

Ever since I started running this station in my corner of my room in high school, it has changed a lot. With the acquisition of a TFT, then GR EAS equipment, and finally the SAGE 3644 blue box (the centerpiece in my station), it meant that I had a lot of equipment.

Eventually, I needed to get a dedicated streaming PC, so I got a pretty reasonably priced desktop for a pretty reasonable price on eBay. This computer has been non-stop running WJON IP radio’s entire home-based servers and loggers ever since (and a raspberry pi).

Soon I will be going to college, and my equipment will need to be relocated. The good news is it will be moving all of 50 feet from its current location down to the lower level of the house. It will hopefully have the exact same coverage area and reception as its current location, but we will hopefully find out.

Further information will be released when we know when it will happen (estimated late July/Early August)