WJON IP Radio’s NEW 24/7 stream for WeatherScan Music!

Back before my station redesign, I used to play 24/7 WeatherScan music. Now since the music change, I’ve always wanted to bring back this amazing nod to an amazing old weather information system, and now I can!

WJON IP Radio is proud to introduce WeatherScan 24/7, our new fully virtual cloud-based stream for all things weather!

This will not be replacing WJON IP Radio!

This system serves a few purposes:
1. Combines the CAPDEC and EASDecoder into ONE system
2. Reduces strain on the streaming computer
3. Makes monitoring streams MUCH easier
4. Greater uptime
5. Singular genre station

This will be replacing EASDecoder effective immediately, and will be where all local and non/local alert monitoring will come from (minus any from local radio monitoring such as AM/FM/NWR

I hope you enjoy the service!

Please be patient over the coming weeks as I adjust the configuration of the station!